City of Guelph Using Multi-Media to Get the Message Out About Groundwater

The City of Guelph, Canada’s largest city that relies exclusively on groundwater for its drinking water supply, also has websites with information dedicated to different user groups, including one website specifically for residents, Help protect Guelph’s water, and one for businesses, Source Water Protection for businesses, developers and builders.

On the website dedicated for residents, information in plain language is provided on how to sort and dispose of waste properly, how to clean up pet waste, tips on watering lawns and gardens, how to help manage stormwater runoff including reducing road salt user for winter road maintenance, and how to maintain or decommission wells and septic systems.

Short 1-minute videos available on YouTube, rebates, and short fact sheets are also offered to allow for the information to be easily consumed by a wide audience over a variety of media platforms.