Roadmap to Source Water Protection

This section describes the five main steps in the source protection planning process.

The roadmap describes the steps to help you get started or continue your source protection journey, from bringing partners together, completing a source water assessment, preparing a response plan, and putting the response plan into action, to evaluating your source protection plan.

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Bring partners together

Organize a technical advisory committee (TAC)  


Hire a qualified professional to conduct a source water assessment (the first piece of your source protection plan)

Work with the TAC to identify issues and solutions


Prepare your response plan (the second piece of your source protection plan)

  1. Set goals – plan S.M.A.R.T.
  2. Identify authorities and stakeholders
  3. Determine and secure resources
  4. Develop budget and timeline
  5. Establish metrics


Carry out your response plan

Overcome barriers to implementation

Track progress of plans


Monitor your source protection plan and revise as needed

Use the metrics established within your source protection plan to gauge success

Modify the plan as needed to continuously improve the plan