Links – Monitoring and reporting

BC Wildlife Federation Conservation App.,now%20easier%20to%20use%20offline.

FrontCounter B.C.

Geography Open Textbook, 2014. British Columbia in a Global Context: Tools for Spatial Data Collection and Utilization.

Government of British Columbia, Share Your Water Data.

Government of British Columbia, EcoCat Ecological Reports Catalogue.

Government of British Columbia, iMapBC.

Government of British Columbia, Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)
The Interactive Map is a map of all monitoring data/sites that have been uploaded to BC’s EMS database. You can navigate to location you are interested in and click on the dot. This will bring up a menu that allows you to download or view data for that site. It can be accessed at the following website:

The Web Reporting Main Menu is a less visual way to access the same data. You can use the data search and download button to download the data you are interested in. Sites are all coded by an EMS number, and you can search by that number or a name. This interface allows you to download data for multiple sites at the same time. It can be accessed at the following website:

Guidance on how to use the system and help emails can be found here:

Government of British Columbia, Real-Time Water Data.

Government of British Columbia, Report All Poachers and Polluters.

Okanagan Basin Water Board, Water Quality Database.

Real-Time Hydrometric Data Map Search, Water Survey of Canada.